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Here's why Taxpayers Should Have an IRS Online Account

An IRS online account is a safe and easy way for individual taxpayers to view specific details about their federal tax account. We strongly urge you to get an online account.

Taxpayers can view:

  • Their payoff amount, which is updated for the current day.

  • The balance for each tax year for which they owe taxes.

  • Their payment history.

  • Key information from the their most current tax return as originally filed.

  • Payment plan details if they have one.

  • Digital copies of select IRS notices.

  • Economic Impact Payments if they received any.

  • Their address on file.

After viewing their information, a taxpayer can:

  • Select an electronic payment option.

  • Set up an online payment agreement.

  • Go directly to Get Transcript.

New Authorization Feature

The Team at Karen Collom, CPA, encourages you to use the new “authorization” option in Online Account. This allows taxpayers to control who can represent them before the IRS or view their tax records. They can also approve and electronically sign Power of Attorney and Tax Information Authorization requests from our team at Collom, CPA.

Taxpayer’s balance will update once every 24 hours, usually overnight. Taxpayers should also allow 1 to 3 weeks for payments to show up in the payment history

To access their information online, taxpayers must register through Secure Access. This is the agency’s two-factor authentication process that protects personal info. Taxpayers can review the Secure Access page process prior to starting registration.

To learn more, Click on the item below to down the Digital IRS Account Information.

Why You Should Create a Digital IRS Account
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