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How to Use Gusto to View PayStubs

We have received many questions regarding Gusto and how to view current and past paystubs.

On September 9th, we will be sending an email to all clients using Gusto. Please email us if you do not receive the email. The email can be forwarded to your employees to help them view their current and previous pay stubs.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us, by Clicking here .

How to View PayStubs Via Email

Each employee should receive an email from GUSTO on the morning of their paydate. While each company is a bit different, the emails should arrive before noon on the paydate.

For the first paycheck, you may need to check your SPAM or Junk email and then add that email address to your safe senders list.

The email subject line should be:

“Hey XXXXX, you’re getting paid today (XX/XX/XXXX).”

The email will contain all of the details about the paycheck.

How to View Your Account & PayStubs online


Proceed to login to your account.

Look at the left hand side of the screen after logging into the GUSTO website.

Select: “Paystubs”

Select: “View Paystubs” next to the one you wish to view.

You will see a screen like this below - except the check dates may be different and your individual check amount will appear.

How to Download and View on Gusto App

Download the Gusto Wallet App Here:

  1. Log into the app

  2. It will show the “Last paycheck” which should have been Sept 1.

  3. Click on the section that has the most recent paycheck - the envelope icon with the paycheck.

  4. It will take you to the breakdown of the paycheck.

You can:

  • Edit the upcoming paycheck splits

  • View the breakdown of the most recent paycheck

  • View all past paystubs

  • View tax documents

  • and more!

Viewing Advanced Paystubs or Statements

Gusto does not allow for viewing of Future or Advanced Paystubs and Statements.

This means that you will NOT be able to see your October 1, 2021 paycheck, because it has not been generated. Because there can be changes between pay periods - such as:

  • Benefit changes

  • Employee changes withholding

  • IRA deductions changed

  • Employee changes status with the company

  • Employee gets a pay increase

Payroll is run a few days prior to the pay date to provide time for the debiting and crediting banks to process the transaction so the funds are available on the proper paycheck date which is the same day the paystubs should be available for review.

Employee or Contractor Pay Questions

Ultimately, when you get paid depends on when your employer ran payroll (for employees) or processed your payment (for contractors). Gusto cannot share in-flight payment details with employees or contractors before the pay date–you must reach out to your employer with questions if there is not a paystub already in your Gusto account for the payment in question. Once you've confirmed with your employer that they've run the payroll/payment through Gusto, use the information below to help troubleshoot missing payments.

  • If you're an international contractor with payment issues, have your employer reach out to us from the Help section of their Gusto account.

For direct deposits

After your employer submits payroll, we’ll electronically send any payments processed as direct deposit—on payday, you'll get an email from Gusto and your paystub will be available in your account. After the banks receive our electronic payment, they have until 5 pm local to make funds available to you in your bank account.

  • Payment processing speed is unique to each employer—contact your admin directly for questions about your specific check date. Gusto cannot answer questions about in-flight payments until the actual payday (check date).

For check payments

Your employer is responsible for sending or manually distributing the check to you—check your paystub in Gusto to determine how your employer processed the payment (via direct deposit or check).


GUSTO has a more in-depth help section for Employee or Contractor Pay Questions.

Click Here: Trouble-Shooting

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