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IRS improves services to taxpayers with digital authorizations

Agency also Launches New Tax Pro Account

Taxpayer Digital Authorizations

The Internal Revenue Service has launched a new feature that will give taxpayers digital control over who can represent them or view their tax records.

The new feature is one of many recent enhancements to the Online Account for individuals. It will allow individual taxpayers to authorize their tax practitioner to represent them before the IRS with a Power of Attorney (POA) and to view their tax accounts with a Tax Information Authorizations (TIA).

Set up or View Your Online Account with the IRS

Tax Pro Launch

Effective July 19, 2021, tax professionals can go to the new Tax Pro Account on to digitally initiate POAs and TIAs. These digital authorization requests are simpler versions of Forms 2848 and 8821.

Once completed and submitted by the tax professional, the authorization requests will appear in the taxpayers’ Online Account for their review, approval or rejection and electronic signature. Because the taxpayers’ identities already are verified at the time of login, they simply check a box as their signature and submit the authorization request to the IRS.

Benefits of Taxpayer Digital Authorization and Tax Pro

  • No Manual Processing - The completed digital authorization, if accurate, will go directly to the Centralized Authorization File (CAF) database and will not require manual processing.

  • Real-time Authorization - Most requests will be immediately recorded and appear on the list of approved authorizations in the taxpayer’s Online Account and the tax professional’s Tax Pro Account. Some authorizations may take up to 48 hours. Tax professionals may then go to e-Services Transcript Delivery Service to see the taxpayer’s records.

  • Faster Streamlined Process - Allows the IRS to reduce its current CAF inventory and focus on authorization requests that required IRS Personnel to handle - such as fax, mail or the Submit Forms 2848 and 8821 Online.

Why Create an Online Account with the IRS?

Right click on the image below to save the IRS Online Program and the benefits of creating an online account. You can also click on the download button below to save and download a copy,

Why You Should Create an IRS Online Account
Why You Should Create a Digital IRS Account
Download PDF • 125KB

Who is Eligible for the Program?

  • The digital authorization process is currently only available to individual taxpayers, not businesses or other entities.

  • Also, tax professionals must be in good standing with the IRS and already have a CAF number prior to making requests through Tax Pro Account.

  • This feature is only available to taxpayers with addresses in the United States.

How To Get Started

  • To connect with tax professionals, taxpayers login to their Online Account using their IRS username and password. If a taxpayer does not have an account, they must create an one after passing a one-time identity verification process.

  • NOTE: Taxpayers who cannot validate their identities cannot use this option, and their tax professional must use the fax, mail or online submission process. The IRS will be announcing a new process for this application later this year.

  • Right click the image below to save the step-by-step instructions on how to submit Authorizations using an Online Account. You can also click on the download button beneath the image.

How To Submit Digital Authorizations

How To - IRS Digital Athorizations
Download PDF • 261KB

In their online Account, taxpayers can view:

  • The amount they owe, updated for the current calendar day

  • Their balance details by year

  • Their payment history and any scheduled or pending payments

  • Key information from their most recent tax return

  • Payment plan details

  • Digital copies of select notices from the IRS

  • Their Economic Impact Payments, if any

  • Their address on file

Taxpayers can also:

  • Make a payment online

  • See payment plan options and request a plan via Online Payment Agreement

  • Access their tax records via Get Transcript

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