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Contact Name:  Steven Riskey


About the Company

Strop is a market research firm employing strategic seasoned business consultants using innovative research and insight tools to get inside the hearts and minds of the customer.

Their Journey

Founder, Steven Riskey, started his career at a $6B private equity firm as a Research and Acquisitions Associate, developing and testing national investment hypotheses guiding investment decisions for the firm. In the process, he realized that a large percentage of evaluating companies understood very little about consumer perceptions, the value of a strong brand, and how customers view and engage with brands.


With expertise in customer insights and analysis, Steven saw the opportunity to provide a critical service to both investment firms and corporations - and decided to venture out on his own. He was passionate about research, insights, customer behavior and brand engagement. What he WASN’T passionate about was accounting, invoicing, and the day-to-day bookkeeping challenges that come with a new business.


In 2007, Steven became a client of Karen Collom, CPA, as a sole proprietor.  “Back then, I wasn’t sure what I needed or what support was available,” Steven stated. “Karen understood the ins and outs of my business, she had a healthy perspective of what made sense for my company.  She set up every financial aspect of the company -- CFO, tactical bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll and our 401(k) plan.”


From the beginning, the team at Karen Collom, CPA, served as a contract CFO, while Steven focused on building the service that would become Strop Insights. In 2010, he incorporated as Strop Insights and as the business grew, Karen and her team formed his employment platform, HR package and retirement 401(k) plan.


“Steven and Strop Insights is the kind of client I envisioned when I started my firm,” Karen Collom stated. “I wanted to be a CPA that was about more than just the numbers. I wanted to establish relationships with my clients so that I could provide effective guidance that would ultimately help them grow their business.  Our relationship with Steven and Strop has evolved as his business evolved. We consider Steven and the Strop team a part of the family and not just a client.  Essentially, we grew with him and he grew with us.”

Final Word

 “Starting a business makes a person very vulnerable – particularly to their CPA. Trust is a critical component when you don’t know what you don’t know,” Steven stated. “Karen did an amazing job building a relationship that instilled trust by guiding me through every financial aspect of my business. Looking back, I realize I had no idea how valuable that relationship aspect of her work would be on the growth of my business. Karen and her team played an integral role in the growth of my company.”

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Our firm had been ready to take the next step for a while. We had bootstrapped our bookkeeping and payroll, then tried combinations of Paychex and large professional accounting firms.

 It wasn't working. A colleague recommended Karen and her team. It was an instant solution and we've been delighted ever since. Bookkeeping? Payroll? Invoicing? Tax Prep? Reporting? Check marks across the board. Every service relevant to a professional services firm like ours was available with excellent execution.

 But it’s more than that. When it comes to matters of money, nothing is more important than integrity; we feel completely safe in this team’s hands. As well, Karen and her team are responsive and communicative. They think like small business owners and are eager to help us win, with advice and custom reporting. And lastly, they are genuine folks who are a joy to have as partners.

Eric Wong & Daniel Levitt

Co-Founders and Partners

Exember Inc.

Karen and her firm are a notable part of the success of my business. 

They helped craft my fledgling business into a well-oiled machine, beautifully managing many challenging aspects of my business including receivables, payroll, healthcare, and invoicing. 

Not only are Karen and her team efficient, honest, and professional – they are an absolute pleasure with which to work!

Steven Riskey

Partner - Strop Insights

Starting a business has many challenges and yet the process was so much easier using an accountant that really cares about me and my business goals.

I worried, at the beginning, that I would be too small for a CPA firm to offer personalized service - without breaking the bank.  Karen met with me and my attorney and reviewed my company book. She took the time to  train me on Quickbooks. 

She is a gem for small and mid-sized businesses as she really cares about helping people achieve their "American Dream" - whatever it may be.  She truly has been a Godsend to PaceSetter Marketing.

Lisalynne Quinn

President and Chief PaceSetter

PaceSetter Marketing LLC

Expat life is many things. Simple, it is not. Until, that is, we found Karen. Having lived in three countries outside the USA over the past decade, my financial situation is anything but straight-forward. 

 Not only has she brought clarity and expertise to complicated cross-border situations, it has been an absolute delight to do business with her. Friendly, fast and dedicated.

 Karen is one of those professionals that once you’ve found her, you don’t ever want to let go.

Let’s be honest, it can be frustrating to have to file US taxes once you’ve left the country. Karen makes it fun and painless. We can’t thank her enough.”

Erica O'Brien

US Citizen living in Europe

The Team at Karen Collom, CPA: Teresa, Karen and Mary 

Photography by:: Shutter Ray Photography

Just Some of Our Amazing Clients

We get to work with a wide variety of clients on a daily basis and love that we have such a diverse client base - no two clients are alike!

Below is a small listing of some of our clients.

Strop Insights is a market research firm that combines the intellectual brainpower of seasoned business consultants with the innovative research and insight tools needed to get inside the hearts and minds of the people who matter most: the customer.

Pilates for Life has been providing private and group Yoga and Pilates classes for beginners and advanced students throughout Texas for over 10 years.


Yelibelly Chocolates is an award-winning, artisan chocolate company located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We specialize in custom gifts for corporate clients, weddings and special events.

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PaceSetter marketing offers expertise in strategy, digital marketing,  web design, brand development, content creation, public relations, and events management. We collaborate with you to transform the way your business performs - from the starting blocks to the
finish line.

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